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twice-weekly (not comparable)

  1. Happening twice each week; semi-weekly.
    • 1929, D H Lawrence, Pansies:
      " ... or twice-weekly whistle round your bottles."
    • 1998, Newsweek, Vol. 132 Issue 22, p20, 4p, 7c
      "The twice-weekly Caregiver's Coffee Hour"
    • 2003, Margo Daly, Rough Guide to Australia, page 462:
      "For the twice-weekly Inlanders ..."
    • 2004, Wim B. van den Berg & Pierre Miossec, Cytokines and Joint Injury, page 114:
      "Further study assessed twice-weekly subcutaneous injections ..."
    • 2005, Sean Deveney, NEW points of emphasis (Sporting News), Vol. 229, Iss. 28; pg. 24, 4 pgs
      "To ease any doubts, Paul has twice-weekly conversations with a guy ..."



twice-weekly (not comparable)

  1. Twice each week; semi-weekly.

Usage notes[edit]

Twice-weekly does not appear in some American dictionaries.