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twin +‎ -er



twinner (plural twinners)

  1. One who gives birth to twins; a breeder of twins.
    • 1557 February 13, Thomas Tusser, A Hundreth Good Pointes of Husbandrie., London: [] Richard Tottel, OCLC 1049068421; republished London: Reprinted for Robert Triphook, [], and William Sancho, [], 1810, OCLC 7109675:
      Ewes yeerly by twinning rich maisters doo make,
      the lamb of such twinners for breeders go take
    • 1865, The Edinburgh Medical and Surgical Journal ..., page 777:
      In the former or first four pregnancies the proportion of twinners in a hundred twinners is smaller than the proportion of child-bearers in a hundred : []
  2. (uncommon) One who is identical, is similar, or is a counterpart, to another person, city, etc; a twin.
    • 1993, John Lofland, Polite Protesters: The American Peace Movement of the 1980s, Syracuse University Press (→ISBN), page 58:
      Beyond correspondence, twinners around the country got very interested in elaborating their relation to their paired city by visiting it.
    • 2016, John C. Tibbetts, The Gothic Worlds of Peter Straub, McFarland (→ISBN), page 149:
      The twinner of Jack's ailing mother, a faded movie actress named Lily Cavanaugh (who was billed in her time as the “Queen of the B Movies”),  []
    • 2020, Debbie Olson, Children and Childhood in the Works of Stephen King, Lexington Books (→ISBN), page 185:
      Everyone, that is, except for Jack; his twinner, Jason, died as a baby and has become something of a mythical character in the alternate world,  []

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