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Etymology 1[edit]

Onomatopoeia, like chirp.



  1. An imitation of the sound of a bird or a horn.
    • 1898, Metropolitan: Volume 7, page 520:
      The hounds are impatient. "Twirp, twirp, twirp!" goes the horn, and "Crack, crack, crack!" responds the whip. It is a chorus that stirs the blood of the veteran as well as that of the uninitiated fox-hunter.
    • 1996, Garrett Barbuto, Boys' Life, August, page 54:
      The first guy climbed up a tree and the farmer yelled, "Who is in my tree?" "Twirp, twirp," replied the first guy. [] "Meow," replied the second guy.

Etymology 2[edit]

Unknown, possibly derived from the onomatopoeia. See twerp.


twirp (plural twirps)

  1. Alternative spelling of twerp
    • 1924, Munsey's Magazine: Volume 81, page 561:
      Don't be such a twirp. I'll be back in twenty minutes. Watch the clock! Time me! I'm going to take the bus.