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twistification (plural twistifications)

  1. (archaic or nonstandard) The act of twisting or its result; convolution or distortion.
    • 1836: William Dunlap, Thirty Years Ago: Or, The Memoirs of a Water Drinker (page 204) [1]
      "Why, plain language is best, when one knows the body one is speaking to; and I verily believe there is not a man on art that has less twistification in thought, word or deed than you, Mr. Spiffard."
    • 1841: Passages from the American Note-Books of Nathaniel Hawthorne [2]
      He is the quaintest and queerest personage you ever saw, -- full of dry jokes, the humor of which is so incorporated with the strange twistifications of his physiognomy, that his sayings ought to be written down, accompanied with illustrations by Cruikshank.
    • 1852: Life and Writings of Grant Thorburn - page 174 [3]
      Truth is so easily told, that the veriest fool can give a straight story, where no twistification is necessary.
  2. A type of dance.