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A twite
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twite (plural twites)

  1. A small passerine bird, Linaria flavirostris (syn. Carduelis flavirostris), that breeds in northern Europe and across central Asia.
    • 1976, J. T. R. Sharrock, The Atlas of Breeding Birds in Britain and Ireland[1], page 420:
      The Twite has the distinction of being the only European bird derived from the Tibetan fauna type.
    • 1986, Valerie M. Thom, Birds in Scotland[2], page 331:
      Twites also breed in southwest and central Asia – at up to 3,500 m asl in Tibet – and it is supposed that the European relict populations became isolated during the retreat of the ice age (Voous 1960).
    • 2007, Simon Wood, The Birds of Essex[3], page 557:
      With subsequent climate warming, Twites in Europe followed the tundra north and became isolated.



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