two pot screamer

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Alternative forms[edit]


From two + pot (standard glass) + screamer (one who yells).


two pot screamer (plural two pot screamers)

  1. (Australia, colloquial) One who becomes talkative or rowdy after consuming a relatively small amount of alcohol; one who quickly becomes intoxicated.
    • 1979, Charlotte Vale Allen, Moments of Meaning, page 48,
      “I′m sorry,” Jimmy said. “A two-pot screamer from the sound of him.”
      “Can′t hold his liquor.”
    • 2006, C. A. Hocking, Damaged Goods, Lulu, page 97,
      “I′m not a drinker. Two glasses of fine wine with a meal is more my style, and my limit. Raymond always called me a two pot screamer.”
    • 2011, John Sullivan, Firebug, Boolarong Press, Australia, page 138,
      Dougie happens to be in the bar, they natter about this and that, sink a pot or two, then Dougie says Dave′s over point-o-five and should cab it out to Ryans Lane. Prick doesn′t offer to drive himself. Tells Dougie he′s not a two-pot screamer like him, leaves feeling much better for the little interlude.

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