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Alternative forms[edit]


Inherited from Sanskrit उद्- (ud-)



  1. Verbal prefix:
    1. out of
    2. upwards
    3. awry
    4. exceptionally

Usage notes[edit]

Before consonants, the 'd' assimilates to the following consonant. Indeed, the Pali grammarians rather viewed this prefix as u- followed by gemination. In this view, ud before a vowel would be u plus a euphonic -d-. The 'd' of 'ud' is preserved when the temporal augment is applied, as in the aorist udapādi of uppajjati.

Derived terms[edit]

Words using this suffix are listed below. Note that normally only the Latin script forms are listed, as etymology sections are normally restricted to the Latin script form, and that derivatives of prefixed words are generally omitted.