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From ukrainis (Ukrainian) +‎ -isks, or maybe from Ukraina (Ukraine) +‎ -isks.


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ukrainisks (definite ukrainiskais, comparative ukrainiskāks, superlative visukrainiskākais, adverb ukrainiski)

  1. Ukrainian (relating to the Ukrainian language; relating to Ukrainians or to Ukraine)
    arī fonētika Timošenko nav ukrainiskaalso Timoshenko's phonetics (i.e., pronunciation) is not Ukrainian
    ar šlepēm ir nevis krievisks, bet ukrainiskswith the skis (there) is nothing Russian, but Ukrainain (i.e., the skis are not Russian, but Ukrainian)

Usage notes[edit]

English “Ukrainian” as an attributive adjective usually correponds in Latvian to ukraiņu, the genitive plural form of ukrainis. The adjective ukrainisks is commonly used as a predicate (“this is Ukrainian”), or in its adverbial form ukrainiski.


Related terms[edit]