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umbrella +‎ -ed


umbrellaed (not comparable)

  1. Covered by or carrying an umbrella.
    • 1892, Ambrose Bierce, “The Applicant,” in The Collected Works of Ambrose Bierce, Volume II: In the Midst of Life (Tales of Soldiers and Civilians), New York: Gordian Press, 1966,[1]
      He was hatted, booted, overcoated, and umbrellaed, as became a person who was about to expose himself to the night and the storm on an errand of charity []
    • 1996, Frank Savile, Beyond the Great South Wall: The Secret of the Antarctic, page 44:
      It was a dull, rainy, depressing day as I stood upon the dock-side above the landing-stage, and watched the tender come sidling up with the crowd of umbrellaed passengers upon her deck, and my errand was not of a kind to elevate the spirits.
    • 2010, Kents Rose, The Meat Tree and Other Stories, page 109:
      [W]e had moved out to one of the umbrellaed tables, out of easy earshot from the bartender.
  2. (figuratively) Under an umbrella.
    • 1912, Bret Harte, The Overland Monthly, page 133:
      His ideal of a woman looked up at Tom Smith's great sun-burnt Lincoln-like face, umbrellaed by the fateful sombrero, and laughed.
    • 1986, Stan Windass, The rite of war, page 102:
      How then are these umbrella-ed powers to respond, as they see their own security diminishing [...]
    • 1997, Karen J. Maschke, Pornography, Sex Work, and Hate Speech, page 368:
      [...] a loose collective of prostitute advocacy groups, prostitution survivors and academic activists, commonly umbrellaed under the label "radical feminist."



  1. simple past tense and past participle of umbrella