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From Old Anatolian Turkish [script needed] (umut, hope). Its relation to Persian امید (omêd, hope) is not clear. According to Starostin although it may be a derivative of Proto-Turkic *um- (to hope for), (see Turkish um-) it tends to merge with the Persian word[1] (see also ümit). Nişanyan points out that it is akin to Karakhanid [script needed] (umunç, desire, hope), [script needed] (umdu, desire), Old Uyghur [script needed] (umuɣ, desire), which are all derived from Proto-Turkic *um-, and the Persian word may ultimately be a borrowing from a Turkic language.[2]


umut (definite accusative umudu, plural umutlar)

  1. hope (belief that something hoped for can happen), wish
  2. expectation



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