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un- +‎ academic



unacademic (comparative more unacademic, superlative most unacademic)

  1. Not academic.
    • 1913, John Bertram Andrews, The American Labor Legislation Review:
      Some unacademic enthusiastic upright soul called it a pear because it happened to remind him of a pear, though it is really a cactus-berry.
    • 1990, S N Mukherji, Satya Pal Ruhela, Rajendra Pal Singh, Trends in Modern Indian Education:
      They have to cope with the unacademic behaviour of faculty and administration...
    • 2007, Frank Ernest Hill, Listen and Learn: Fifteen Years of Adult Education on the Air:
      But today a quiet educator entering for the first time this world of radio will be alarmed by its unacademic atmosphere. Brisk technicians will elbow him...