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Alternative forms[edit]


un- +‎ accomplished


unaccomplished (not comparable)

  1. Not accomplished; Not having occurred or been successfully carried out.
    • 1890, Josiah Royce, A Neglected Study, page 364:
      Ever since, philosophical students, not always indeed with the Socratic modesty of self-confession, have loved to point out this or that gap in human knowledge, this or that needed and unaccomplished task, which the presumably wider outlook of their own professional studes, has, as they pretende, enabled them to see in the province of some special pursuit.
    • 1979, Arthur Walkington Pink, The Antichrist:
      The Scripture does speak of an event yet unaccomplished, of which the scene is to be the Land of Babylon.
    • 1980, China Report: Political, Sociological and Military Affairs:
      According to the criminal legislation of some countries, there are two different interpretations of unaccomplished crimes.
    • 2014, Jacob Pannirselvam, What Is Not God?: Philosophy of Scientific Spirituality:
      In addition to these two his personality is based on his unaccomplished thoughts and desires when he was experiencing the world in the form of some other body.
  2. Not accomplished; having few skills or achievements.
    • 1989, Robert Weisbuch, Atlantic Double-Cross, page 3:
      At thirty, unaccomplished, unemployed, and incompletely focused, he visited the greatly accomplished English writers — Landor, Coleridge, Carlyle, Wordsworth — and tenderly cherished his disappointment.
    • 1992, R. M. L. Gethin, The Buddhist Path to Awakening, page 52:
      The immature, unaccomplished and unskilful cook gains no clothing, no payment, no gratuities.
    • 2007, Beth Dotson Brown, Yes! I Am Catholic: How Faith Plays a Role in My Life, page 15:
      As a young person, she thought that people who were religious must be plain, unaccomplished folks.