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un- +‎ cemented


uncemented (not comparable)

  1. That has not been cemented.
    • 2006, Mohammed Naseehu Ali, "Mallam Sile" in The Prophet of Zongo Street, Harper Collins, pp. 149-50,
      The floor was uncemented, and heaps of dust rose in the air anytime a customer walked in.
  2. Not unified, disunited.
    • 1777, Thomas Paine, "V. To Gen. Sir William Howe" in The American Crisis, The Writings of Thomas Paine, edited by Moncure D. Conway, New York: G.P. Putnam's Sons, 1906, [1]
      Before the present era she was a mere chaos of uncemented colonies, individually exposed to the ravages of the Indians and the invasion of any power that Britain should be at war with.