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un- +‎ concern, around 1660–1670.


unconcern (plural unconcerns)

  1. Lack of interest or care; indifference or apathy.
    • 1813 January 27, [Jane Austen], Pride and Prejudice: [], volumes (please specify |volume=I to III), London: [] [George Sidney] for T[homas] Egerton, [], →OCLC:
      Elizabeth took up some needlework, and was sufficiently amused in attending to what passed between Darcy and his companion. The perpetual commendations of the lady, either on his handwriting, or on the evenness of his lines, or on the length of his letter, with the perfect unconcern with which her praises were received, formed a curious dialogue, and was exactly in union with her opinion of each.
    • For more quotations using this term, see Citations:unconcern.
  2. Freedom from worry or apprehensiveness; insouciance or nonchalance.
    • 1959 February 8, Walt Kelly, Pogo, comic strip, →ISBN, page 220:
      [Albert, about Bear asleep:] A soft smile of lovin' unconcern on his friendly face as he dozes on.

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