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un- +‎ copyrightable


uncopyrightable (not comparable)

  1. (copyright law) Ineligible for copyright.


uncopyrightable (plural uncopyrightables)

  1. That for which no one can obtain copyright.
    • 1984, MJ Touponse, "Application of Copyright Law to Computer Operating System Programs: Apple Computer, Inc. v. Franklin" in Connecticut Law Review, page 665
      [] The four criteria that Congress, courts, and theorists have traditionally employed to distinguish the copyrightable from the uncopyrightable are: []
    • 1994, R VerSteeg, "Jurimetric Copyright: Future Shock for the Visual Arts", in Cardozo Arts & Entertainment Law Journal, page 125
      [] Keeton, however, resolved that it was the idea/expression dichotomy that forms the boundary line between the copyrightable and the uncopyrightable, []
    • 2001, R Amanda, "Elvis Karaoke Shakespeare and the Search for a Copyrightable Stage Directions", in Arizona Law Review, page 677.
      [] to examine those director contributions that help create that overall feel and apply Judge Hand's abstractions test to filter out the uncopyrightable from the copyrightable []

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