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From undeniable +‎ -ly, equivalent to un- +‎ deny +‎ -ably.


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undeniably (comparative more undeniably, superlative most undeniably)

  1. In an undeniable manner, or to an undeniable extent.
    Synonym: indeniably
    • 1853, Pisistratus Caxton [pseudonym; Edward Bulwer-Lytton], chapter III, in “My Novel”; Or Varieties in English Life [], volume III, Edinburgh; London: William Blackwood and Sons, →OCLC, book tenth, page 115:
      [A]nd gaunt though his figure, and far from elegant though his dressing-robe, there was that about him which spoke undeniably of the grand seigneur— [...]
    • 2023 March 8, Gareth Dennis, “The Reshaping of things to come...”, in RAIL, number 978, page 49:
      It created inter-city and intermodal services, which were genuinely world leading. And it undeniably pushed British Railways into the modern era.
  2. Used as a modal adverb to assert that that the indicated statement is undeniable.
    Synonyms: indisputably, unquestionably
    The third movie was undeniably the best.