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Alternative forms[edit]


From Middle English underking, from Old English undercing, undercyning (under-king, viceroy), equivalent to under- +‎ king. Cognate with Dutch onderkoning (viceroy), German Unterkönig (underking), Danish onderkonge (underking), Swedish underkung (underking).


underking (plural underkings)

  1. An inferior or subordinate king; a viceroy.
    • 1987, David P. Chandler, David Joel Steinberg, In Search of Southeast Asia:
      From the Johore capital on the island of Pulau Penyengat in the Riau Archipelago, where Parani's brother became "underking" to a puppet Malay sultan, the Bugis extended their control over the tin negeri of Kedah and Perak, [...]
    • 1995, N. J. Higham, An English Empire:
      Bede himself used it in this context, among others, referring for example to Peada, Penda's son and the underking of the Middle Saxons, as a princeps.
    • 2010, Mark Del Franco, Face Off:
      “I am an advisor in his role as an InterSec director, Lord Guardian, not his counselor as underKing to the Inverni.” Aran made a dismissive gesture with his hand. “A distinction without a difference. [...]”