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un- +‎ desked



undesked (comparative more undesked, superlative most undesked)

  1. Not having a desk; without a desk.
    • 2007, Mehdi Khosrowpour et al., Web Technologies for Commerce and Services Online, Idea Group 2007, p. 215:
      Also, a number of high-end hotels are improving customer service by experimenting with undesked staff who can check guests in in the lobby, parking lot, or conference room []
  2. (journalism) Not having been looked at or sub-edited by a desk-based journalist.
    • 2009, Siobhan Butterworth, ‘Open Door’, The Guardian, 16 Feb 2009:
      I can only think of a small handful of journalists who blog direct to the web without being either desked or subbed first. We don't publish news stories undesked and although our journalists can publish pictures direct to blogs, they rarely do.