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un- +‎ dispensed


undispensed (not comparable)

  1. Not dispensed.
  2. Not freed by dispensation.
    • 1893 November, Charles C Starbuck, “The Roman Catholic Doctrine And Law Of Marriage”, in Methodist Review, volume 75, page 879:
      Thus, besides maintaining the invalidity of an undispensed marriage between a baptized and an unbaptized person, not as intrinsic, but as of long-established ecclesiastical use, she holds all restrictions involving invalidity, or, as she calls them, diriment impediments, which have prevailed from before the separation, to be still in force for baptized Protestants.
    • 1960, Catholic University of America, Canon Law Studies - Issue 392, page 195:
      The reason why it remains undispensed is that the dispensation which is actually granted cannot conceivably be construed as relating to the case that actually exists.
    • 2002, F. Donald Logan, Runaway Religious in Medieval England, C.1240-1540, page 175:
      Not even the most rigid of canonists would hold these undispensed religious subjectively (i.e., morally) responsible for their objective apostasy.