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  1. present participle of unfold


unfolding (plural unfoldings)

  1. (often figuratively) The process by which something unfolds or becomes revealed.
    • 1962 April, R. K. Evans, “The Acceptance Testing of Diesel Locomotives”, in Modern Railways, page 268:
      Because most diesel failures can be traced to electrical faults, minor in themselves but often difficult to pin-point, any unscheduled halt during a trial run is often the signal for the frenzied unfolding of wiring diagrams and the appearance of an impressive array of voltmeters and circuit testers.
    • 2007 October 28, Bruce Handy, “Nothing You Can Know That Isnt Known”, in New York Times[1]:
      If I had the space, I'd cite dozens more examples of Gould's graceful unfoldings of various Beatle tunes.