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Alternative forms[edit]


From unguilt, equivalent to unguilt +‎ -ing.


unguilting (uncountable)

  1. The process or act of removing one's guilt; pardoning.
    • 1977, Osho, Yoga Sudha (Ma.), Deva Bhasha (Ma.), The beloved: songs of the Baul mystics:
      Real religion is always a process of unguilting; false religions are always a process of guilting.
    • 2001, Margaret Mead, John Rickman, Geoffrey Gorer, Russian culture:
      It was felt that this behaviour could be considered 'typically' Russian, and it was decided that it would be useful to collect and analyse other examples of 'unguilting'.
    • 2003, John Rickman, Pearl King, No ordinary psychoanalyst:
      [...] the ego does not find secret outlet for aggression by turning the aggression against itself in an orgy of self-punishment, nor does it allow an orgy of misdeeds to be followed by a severe process of "un-guilting" by penitences [...]



  1. present participle of unguilt