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uni- +‎ body


unibody (countable and uncountable, plural unibodies)

  1. (uncountable, automobiles) An automobile construction technique in which the body is integrated into a single unit with the chassis rather than having a separate body-on-frame.
  2. (countable, automobiles) A body of this type.
  3. (countable, uncountable) A shell that is the principal source of structural strength of an object; also, its design and construction.
    • 2018, Peter Lanzer, Textbook of Catheter-Based Cardiovascular Interventions:
      In selected cases where there is advanced (TASC) D aorto-iliac occlusive disease, treatment with a unibody stent-graft positioned at the aortic bifurcation is a safe and effective treatment.
  4. (euphemistic) A style of mobile phone, tablet, or laptop computer where the user cannot replace the battery because the device is manufactured as a single sealed unit.
    • 2012, Mac Maintenance Tips & Tricks, →ISBN:
      We're looking at the most recent unibody white MacBook here; the first to contain batteries that aren't considered user-serviceable by Apple.
    • 2018, Lih-Tyng Hwang, Tzyy-Sheng Jason Horng, 3D IC and RF SiPs: Advanced Stacking and Planar Solutions for 5G Mobility:
      Aesthetics (ID, industrial design) are another obvious reason to go that route, with designers opting for a fluid, unibody motif, since sealed phone body is a beautifully crafted device "... created from a single piece of polycarbonate with precision machined details." This ID design philosophy is in a direct conflict with customers' desire of extended use of their purchased phones; that is, when the sealed battery fails to function because of the limited charging cycles, and a replacement is needed.
    • 2016, Michael Galleso, Lg V20: An Easy Guide to the Best Features[1]:
      Many persons miss this option to simply put in a new battery when the old one is defective as the unibody designs started to take over.


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