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uni +‎ modal


unimodal (not comparable)

  1. Having, or operating in, a single mode.
    • 2004, Gemma Calvert, Charles Spence, Barry E. Stein, The handbook of multisensory processes (page 114)
      In addition, there was no difference in performance among the two unimodal and bimodal conditions []
    • 2009, Ãlvaro Herrero, Paolo Gastaldo, Rodolfo Zunino, Computational Intelligence in Security for Information Systems (page 156)
      the fusion of three unimodal systems into a multimodal one
    • 2009, Anton Nijholt, Dennis Reidsma, Hendri Hondorp, Intelligent Technologies for Interactive Entertainment (page 82)
      We created one prototype with two modes: a slider for the unimodal and multimodal mode to be used by the test leader only.

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