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Etymology 1[edit]

un- +‎ lockable


unlockable (not comparable)

  1. Not capable of being locked.
    • 1980, Commerce Clearing House, Tax court memorandum decisions: Volume 38
      The facilities at Harvard Law School included lockable and unlockable carrels and lockable rooms. The lockable carrels and rooms were limited in number and were assigned to students by priority based on age.
    • 2003, David E. Mulcahy, John Dieltz, Order fulfillment and across the dock concepts, design operations handbook (page 172)
      Casters can be swivel, rigid, lockable, or unlockable.

Etymology 2[edit]

unlock +‎ -able


unlockable (not comparable)

  1. Capable of being unlocked.
    • 1998, Brent D Heslop, David A Holzgang, HTML Publishing on the Internet
      This unlockable demo allows customers to use the full-featured product free for seven days.


unlockable (plural unlockables)

  1. (video games) An initially hidden feature that is made available to reward the player for some achievement.