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From un- +‎ meaning.



unmeaning (comparative more unmeaning, superlative most unmeaning)

  1. (dated) Having no meaning or significance
    • 1858, Thomas Henry Burrowes, ‎James Pyle Wickersham, ‎Elnathan Elisha Higbee, The Pennsylvania School Journal - Volumes 6-8, page 281:
      The danger is plainly in the other direction,—to regard all truth as scientific, to reverence statistics, to attempt to guage the soul, to measure the affections, and thus to make all true religion impossible, by limiting our faith by our knowlege, and by dismissing those terrible problems of destiny, with which the select est finds of all generations have wrestled, as unmeaning riddles, because we cannot solve them by the aid of the differential calculus.


Derived terms[edit]