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un- +‎ prepare


unprepare (third-person singular simple present unprepares, present participle unpreparing, simple past and past participle unprepared)

  1. (transitive) To undo the preparation of.
    • 1838, James A. Thome, ‎Joseph Horace Kimball, Emancipation in the West Indies (page 222)
      The planters generally are doing very little to prepare the apprentices for freedom, but some are doing very much to unprepare them. They are driving the people from them by their conduct.
    • 1997, Anthony Potts, ‎Chris D. Coppola, ‎Scott Jarol, Visual Basic 5 Web and Multimedia Adventure Set (page 650)
      After we write out the audio data, we need to unprepare the header and close the device. But we can't do that until the device completes playback []