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un- +‎ riddle


unriddle (third-person singular simple present unriddles, present participle unriddling, simple past and past participle unriddled)

  1. (transitive) To figure out the answer to (a riddle).
  2. (transitive, by extension) To solve (a perplexing problem).
    • “I your enemy, sir!” says he, with much amazement, and some sternness in his look. “Nay, be not angry,” said Benjamin, “for I promise you I am not. You are perfectly innocent of having intended me any wrong; for you was then an infant: but I shall, I believe, unriddle all this the moment I mention my name. Did you never hear, sir, of one Partridge, who had the honour of being reputed your father, and the misfortune of being ruined by that honour?”