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un- +‎ sound.



unsound (comparative more unsound or unsounder, superlative most unsound or unsoundest)

  1. Not sound, particularly:
    1. Not whole, not solid, defective.
      • 1962 October, Brian Haresnape, “Focus on B.R. passenger stations”, in Modern Railways, page 255:
        A striking example comes to mind, in which a scheme to improve the existing buildings finished up as virtually a complete reconstruction, owing to the unsound condition of the original structure!
    2. (especially of equestrianism) Infirm, diseased.
      • 1822, Sir John Comyns and Anthony Hammond, A Digest of the Laws of England:
        ... A horse labouring under a temporary injury, capable of being speedily cured, is not unsound within the meaning of a warranty of soundness ...
    3. (Britain, especially of people) Not good, unreliable.
      • 1919, P.G. Wodehouse, My Man Jeeves:
        You would not like Nietzsche, sir. He is fundamentally unsound.


Derived terms[edit]