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un- +‎ stale +‎ -ing


unstaling (comparative more unstaling, superlative most unstaling)

  1. That does not go stale; that remains fresh and current.
    • 1922, John Drinkwater, The Lyric: An Essay:
      The answer in itself now makes a large and distinguished literature to which, full as it is of keen intelligence and even of constructive vision, we can return with with unstaling pleasure.
    • 1931, Robert Henry Joseph Steuart, March, Kind Comrade, page 217:
      One sometimes regrets that the War is over— thinking of the gipsy life that one led, of the unstaling interests and the bigness of it all, but above everything of the unconstrained friendliness that was bom and fostered in days of instant peril and in trench and dug-out and ramshackle billet.
    • 1961, N. Raghunathan, Sotto Voce: Our new rulers, page 123:
      He made special mention of three things — the glory of ocean, the perfect ' Mysore bonda ' of a caterer then largely patronised by college youth and the unstaling pleasures of the tram.
    • 2010, Katharine Rogers, First Friend: A History of Dogs and Humans, page 194:
      Her prototype, Queenie, offered him a "waiting love and unstaling welcome" that he had never received from human lovers.