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Alternative forms[edit]


un- +‎ sufficiency


unsufficiency (uncountable)

  1. Obsolete form of insufficiency.
    • 1594, Richard Hooker, Of Ecclesiastical Polity, Book 2, Section 8 (at Google Books):
      Whatsoever, to make up the doctrine of man's salvation, is added as in supply of the Scripture's unsufficiency, we reject it.
    • 1876, Edward Savard, Inspector of Schools, in Statement of the public accounts of the province of Quebec and annual report of the auditor of the province, p. 219 (at Google Books):
      The pupils are wanting in regularity of attendance and there is an unsufficiency of books.
    • 1906 January–October, Joseph Conrad, chapter IX, in The Secret Agent: A Simple Tale, London: Methuen & Co., [], published 1907, →OCLC; The Secret Agent: A Simple Tale (Collection of British Authors; 3995), copyright edition, Leipzig: Bernhard Tauchnitz, 1907, →OCLC, page 193:
      The unsufficiency and uncandidness of his answer became painfully apparent in the dead silence of the room.