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From un- +‎ warrantable.


unwarrantable (comparative more unwarrantable, superlative most unwarrantable)

  1. Not warrantable; indefensible; not vindicable; not justifiable
    • 1661, Joseph Glanvill, The Vanity of Dogmatizing, London: Henry Eversden, Chapter 15, pp. 136-137,[1]
      Another thing, that engageth our affections to unwarrantable conclusions, and is therefore fatal to Science; is our doting on Antiquity, and the opinions of our Fathers.
    • 1776, Thomas Paine, Common Sense, Philadelphia, “The Necessity of Independancy,” p. 70,[2]
      [] the taking up arms, merely to enforce the repeal of a pecuniary law, seems as unwarrantable by the divine law, and as repugnant to human feelings, as the taking up arms to enforce the obedience thereto.
    • 1847, Emily Brontë, Wuthering Heights, Chapter 14,[3]
      [] Don’t persist, sir! or else I shall be obliged to inform my master of your designs; and he’ll take measures to secure his house and its inmates from any such unwarrantable intrusions!’
    Synonyms: illegal, unjust, improper

Related terms[edit]