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un- +‎ welcome


unwelcome (comparative more unwelcome, superlative most unwelcome)

  1. Not welcome.
    • 1593, anonymous, The Life and Death of Iacke Straw [], Act I:
      This ſtraunge vnwelcome and vnhappie newes,
      Of theſe vnnaturall Rebels and vniust,
      That threaten wracke vnto this wretched Land,
      Aye me affrights my womans mazed minde,
      Burdens my heart, and interrupts my ſleepe, []



unwelcome (third-person singular simple present unwelcomes, present participle unwelcoming, simple past and past participle unwelcomed)

  1. (transitive, rare) To treat as unwelcome.
    • 1992, Selections from National Press (page 92)
      Devils and angels stood side by side on one platform to unwelcome him.
    • 2013, Amber Lim, Different Worlds (page 303)
      'You could've said so if you're unwelcoming us. We could've just leave[sic]!' I ranted and walked back into the room, away from the balcony.