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un- +‎ woman


unwoman (third-person singular simple present unwomans, present participle unwomaning, simple past and past participle unwomaned)

  1. (transitive) To deprive of feminine qualities; to unsex.
    • 1844, Elizabeth Barrett Browning, “Romaunt of the Page” in Poems, London: Edward Moxon, Volume I, p. 163,[1]
      [] My love, so please you, shall requite
      No woman, whether dark or bright,
      Unwomaned if she be.’
    • 1863, Margaret Oliphant, Salem Chapel, Edinburgh: William Blackwood, Volume 2, Chapter 21, p. 22,[2]
      Not all her anxiety for Arthur, not all her personal wretchedness, could unwoman the minister’s mother so much as to make her forgive or overlook Phœbe’s presumption.
    • 1972, Pearl S. Buck, “Thoughts of a Woman at Christmas” in Once Upon a Christmas, New York: John Day, p. 115,[3]
      “He says I am not feminine, that I act like a man, that I’m too aggressive. I say that he unwomans me, because he doesn’t do the man’s work in the home, and I have to—somebody has to! []
    • 1976, Susan Yankowitz, Silent Witness, New York: Knopf, Part Three, p. 141,[4]
      The muslin dress unwomans her, a crude navy blue [] which buttons at the nape of her neck and drops past her knees in stiff irregular folds. Oh it hangs, it hangs, sack bag barrel. Even her waist is not hugged by it and there are no darts in consideration of her breasts.