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From up- +‎ make.


upmake (third-person singular simple present upmakes, present participle upmaking, simple past and past participle upmade)

  1. (transitive, rare or archaic) To make up
    • 1745, John Brown (Minister of the Gospel at Wamphray.), A Pious and Elaborate Treatise concerning Prayer:
      O how are they upmade, who have a true interest in, and such a sure relation unto such a Lord, head and husband, as can and will carry on their profit and advantage, even by such dispensations, [...]
    • 1794, A cloud of witnesses, for the royal prerogatives of Jesus Christ: or, The last speeches and testimonies of those who have suffered for the truth in Scotland, since 1680:
      Now, my dear friends, ye that are desiring singly to stand for God, hold on your way, and wait for the Lord, and quit not a hoof of the truth: He will be an upmaking God to you, and he has promised to be a present help to you in the time of your need.
    • 2011, Alistair Moffat, The Borders: A History of the Borders from Ealiest Times:
      And these essentials can be seen at Smail's Printing Works. When, for example, Walter Scott's copy was received, compositors began to upmake lines of type in the caseroom or composing room.


Derived terms[edit]