upper surgery

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upper surgery (countable and uncountable, plural upper surgeries)

  1. (LGBT, surgery) Synonym of top surgery
    • 1997 April 25, Dale, “The Gender Clinic from Hell”, in soc.support.transgendered, Usenet[1], retrieved 2021-11-25:
      She _is_ actually willing to be flexible about guidelines, is pushing for allowing upper surgery for FtM's to be allowed on an informed consent basis, disdains DSM-IV type diagnostic categories for clients...
    • 2014, Red Jordan Arobateau, Difficult Journey, →ISBN, page 41:
      Witnessing these former butches strut around, super male. Flat chests, muscular arms; deep voices. Some had the money to get upper surgery.
    • 2018, Linda DeFruscio-Robinson, “Sam”, in Transgender Profiles, →ISBN, page unnumbered page:
      With hormones and upper surgery (Sam also had a hysterectomy), it didn't take very long until Sam stopped looking like a female.


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