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upraised (not comparable)

  1. (nonstandard or archaic) Lifted, raised, held high.
    He stood there, with upraised glass, waiting for others to join him in a toast; holding the glass as though it were his upraised sword, challenging others to show disprespoect to one he honored.
    • 2008, Philip Roth, Indignation:
      Not all of them, by no means anywhere close to all of them, just the most notable blockheads among them—three altogether, two freshmen and one sophomore, all of whom were among the first to be expelled the next day — masturbated into pairs of of stolen panties, masturbated just about as quickly as you could snap your fingers, before each hurled the deflowered panties, wet and fragrant with ejaculate, down into the upraised hands of the jubilant gathering of red-checked, snow-capped upperclassmen breathing steam like dragons and egging them on from below.



  1. simple past tense and past participle of upraise