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From Middle English upsenden, equivalent to up- +‎ send. Cognate with Scots upsend (to ascend), Dutch opzenden (to redirect, forward), Low German upsenden (to send up, deliver (mail)), Swedish uppsända (to offer up).


upsend (third-person singular simple present upsends, present participle upsending, simple past and past participle upsent)

  1. (transitive, archaic) To send, cast, or throw up; deliver; submit.
    • 1808, John Fitchett, Alfred, a poem:
      And now upsend afar a deaf'ning shout [...]
    • 1873, Aeschylus, The Dramas of Aeschylus:
      Hermes and Earth and Thou, Monarch of Hades, do ye now His spirit to the light upsend; [...]
    • 1981, Doris May Lessing, Briefing for a Descent Into Hell:
      Down and down, but the corky sea upsends me to the light again, and there under my hand is rock, a port in the storm, a little peaking black rock that no main mariner has struck before me, nor map ever charted, just a single black basalt rock, [...]
  2. (intransitive, US, Scotland) To ascend; climb up.
    • 1919, Harry Lyman Koopman, Hesperia: an American national poem:
      But when the sun of the fifth day had risen, The Keepers of the Faith, upon a pyre Built near the council-house, with solemn rites Burnt the White Dog, upsending with the smoke The message of their loyalty and thanks.


upsend (plural upsends)

  1. That which is upsent, or sent up; a deliverable.
    • 1982, American Bankers Association, ABA banking journal:
      The Trans-Vista 2000 offers Mosler options like upsend capability, automatic carrier return and fast, accurate customer identification.
    • 2008, Independent Bankers Association of America, Independent banker:
      For example, with a variety of upsend and downsend customer units, and upsend and downsend teller units, we can mix-and-match standard components to create the custom configuration designed to best meet your unique operational [...]