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urban +‎ -icity


urbanicity (usually uncountable, plural urbanicities)

  1. The quality or fact of (an area) being urban.
    • 1997: Waltina Scheumann, Managing Salinization: Institutional Analysis of Public Irrigation Systems
      The risk of psychotic disorder in the population exposed to urbanicity alone was 1.59% (31/1946), the risk in those exposed to family history, broadly defined, alone was 3.01% ...
      Thus, between 60% and 70% of the individuals exposed to both urbanicity and family history had developed psychotic disorder because of the synergistic action of the two proxy causes.
  2. The degree to which a given geographical area is urban.
    • 1972: Jerome Johnston, Jerald Bachman, Young Men and Military Service
      To assess this hypothesis, the urbanicity of a boy's place of residence was run against enlistment.
    • 2002: Heinz Häfner (ed), Risk and Protective Factors in Schizophrenia: Towards a Conceptual Model of the Disease Process
      A number of studies have associated urbanicity at birth or upbringing with schizophrenia risk.


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    Neff, J. A. & Husaini, B. A. (1987). Urbanicity, race and psychological distress. Journal of Community Pyschology, 15, 520-535.
    "In this study the authors present data from random samples of 645 rural white respondents, 398 rural black respondents, and 700 urban residents of Nashville, Tenn., that address urbanicity and race differences in depressive symptoms, psychophysiologic symptopms, and general well-being."
  • 2002: Robert A. Moffitt, Constance Forbes Citro, Michele Ver Ploeg, Studies of Welfare Populations: Data Collection and Research Issues
    For example, urbanicity is one of the most universal correlates of cooperation ...
  • 2005: Fred Wulczyn, Beyond Common Sense
    Maltreatment and urbanicity. Figure 3.3 shows maltreatment rates for counties characterized by their degree of urbanicity.
  • 2012: Bottino, C. J., Rifas-Shiman, S. L., Kleinman, K. P., Oken, E., Redline, S., Gold, D., … Taveras, E. M. (2012). The association of urbanicity with infant sleep duration. Health and Place, 18(5), 1000–1005. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.healthplace.2012.06.007 "We examined associations of the built environment with infant sleep duration among 1226 participants in a pre-birth cohort. From residential addresses, we used a geographic information system to determine urbanicity, population density, and closeness to major roadways."
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