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utopia +‎ -ic


utopic (comparative more utopic, superlative most utopic)

  1. Seeming to originate in utopia; utopian
    • 1850, Antonio Carlo N. Gallenga (L. Mariotti), Scenes from Italian life, pg. 133:
      They dismissed the work as utopic, unpractical.
    • 1919, Robert Briffault, The Making of Humanity, G. Allen & Unwin ltd., pg. 247:
      [...] and those issues and the potentialities out of which they arise are such as would to any previous age, could it have so much as conceived them, have seemed the distant problems of utopic speculation.
    • 2000, Tom Brass, Peasants, Populism, and Postmodernism: The Return of the Agrarian Myth, Routledge, →ISBN, pg. 243:
      By contrast, in the the utopic vision of Hilton and Capra it is space which is traversed and not time; both utopic and dystopic exist in the same moment but occupy a different terrain.