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From the noun väder (= weather) in its meaning of wind.


vädra (present vädrar, preterite vädrade, supine vädrat, imperative vädra)

  1. to ventilate, to air, to let the wind blow, to expose for fresh and open air
    1. to open the window and let fresh air inside
    2. to hang garments or rugs outdoors for some fresh air
    3. to debate, to let one's opinions out
      hon vädrade sina åsikter
      she let her opinions out
      Michail Chodorkovskij dömdes till fängelse 2005 efter att han vädrat politiska ambitioner.
      Mikhail Khodorkovsky was sentenced to prison in 2005 after he had aired political ambitions.
  2. to sniff, to scent, to smell for scents blowing in the wind, to breathe
    vädra morgonluft
    to breathe the fresh morning air (to see one's lucky star on the rise)


Related terms[edit]