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From Old Swedish væxa, from Old Norse vaxa, from Proto-Germanic *wahsijaną, from Proto-Indo-European *h₂weg-, cognate with wax (of the moon).


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växa (present växer, preterite växte, supine vuxit or växt, imperative väx)

  1. grow; increase in size
    kyrkan och kungens makt växte i betydelse
    the church and the power of the king grew in significance
  2. grow; sprout
    • 1891, Selma Lögerlöf, “23, Patron Julius [23, Squire Julius]”, in Gösta Berlings Saga [Gösta Berling's Saga]‎[1] (fiction), Frithiof Hellbergs förlag, →ISBN, →OCLC, page 276:
      Längs vägen vuxo prästkragar och sötblomster och gökärter.
      Along the way grew daisies and camomiles and bitter vetches.

Usage notes[edit]

The strong singular past tense (originally vox) is never seen, but there is an archaic plural past tense vuxo and a subjunctive vuxe. There is also the past participle vuxen, which has taken on a sense of grown-up or adult.



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