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From Old East Slavic свободь (svobodĭ, free, adj.), from Proto-Slavic *svoboda (freedom). Cognate to Finnish vapaa.


vaba (genitive vaba, partitive vaba, comparative vabam, superlative kõige vabam)

  1. free, independent
    Eesti saab ükskord jälle vabaks!
    Estonia shall be independent once again!
  2. free, unconstrained
  3. loose, free, not strictly following the rules
    Kirjuta vabas vormis.
    Write in your own style.
  4. not taken, free
    Kas see koht on vaba.
    Is this spot free?
  5. (uncommon) free (of cost)
    Ma sain endale vaba pääsu kontserdile.
    I got myself a free pass to the concert.


Derived terms[edit]