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From vampire +‎ -y.


vampirey (comparative more vampirey, superlative most vampirey)

  1. (informal) Of, relating to, or characteristic of vampires.
    • 2006, Deborah Wilson Overstreet, Not Your Mother's Vampire: Vampires in Young Adult Fiction, Scarecrow Press ↑ISBN, page 44
      Even though virtually every character in the novel, besides Cody, is a vampire, Vampire High is not at all a vampirey novel. Rees's vampires are born as vampires who marry and produce little vampires. Justin explains that they no longer kill for ...
    • 2009, Charlaine Harris, Living Dead In Dallas: A True Blood Novel, Hachette UK ↑ISBN
      I'd gotten fed up before, tired of the vampirey stuff I had to learn to accommodate, frightened of getting in deeper. Sometimes, I just wanted to see humans for a while. So for over three weeks, that was what I did. I didn't call Bill; he didn't call me.
    • 2010, Tim Collins, Notes from a Totally Lame Vampire: Because the Undead Have Feelings Too!, Simon and Schuster ↑ISBN
      (Too vampirey.) Yield to the forbidden music of my soul. (Way too vampirey.) Dear Chloe, please can I sink my teeth into your neck and drink your blood? (One step at a time, Nigel.)
    • 2013, Arthur Conan Doyle, Vampire Stories, Skyhorse Publishing, Inc. ↑ISBN
      “Last week,” he says, “I sent 'The Winning Shot' to Temple Bar—a very ghastly Animal Magnetism vampirey sort of tale. It came back again but with a very complimentary letter, & Hogg says he should like to see it.”


Derived terms[edit]