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From vampire +‎ -y.


vampirey (comparative more vampirey, superlative most vampirey)

  1. (informal) Of, relating to, or characteristic of vampires.
    • 2006, Deborah Wilson Overstreet, Not Your Mother's Vampire: Vampires in Young Adult Fiction, Scarecrow Press ISBN 9781461670148, page 44
      Even though virtually every character in the novel, besides Cody, is a vampire, Vampire High is not at all a vampirey novel. Rees's vampires are born as vampires who marry and produce little vampires. Justin explains that they no longer kill for ...
    • 2009, Charlaine Harris, Living Dead In Dallas: A True Blood Novel, Hachette UK ISBN 9780575089396
      I'd gotten fed up before, tired of the vampirey stuff I had to learn to accommodate, frightened of getting in deeper. Sometimes, I just wanted to see humans for a while. So for over three weeks, that was what I did. I didn't call Bill; he didn't call me.
    • 2010, Tim Collins, Notes from a Totally Lame Vampire: Because the Undead Have Feelings Too!, Simon and Schuster ISBN 9781442423183
      (Too vampirey.) Yield to the forbidden music of my soul. (Way too vampirey.) Dear Chloe, please can I sink my teeth into your neck and drink your blood? (One step at a time, Nigel.)
    • 2013, Arthur Conan Doyle, Vampire Stories, Skyhorse Publishing, Inc. ISBN 9781628731453
      “Last week,” he says, “I sent 'The Winning Shot' to Temple Bar—a very ghastly Animal Magnetism vampirey sort of tale. It came back again but with a very complimentary letter, & Hogg says he should like to see it.”


Derived terms[edit]