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From vandal +‎ -ous. Possibly formed by analogy with scandalous.


vandalous (comparative more vandalous, superlative most vandalous)

  1. vandalistic; resembling vandalism
    • 2001, Iain Borden, Skateboarding, Space and the City: Architecture and the Body[1], →ISBN, page 253:
      Even usually thoughtful newspapers such as the Washington Post have cited skateboarding as an irresponsible and vandalous activity to be banned from city streets.
  2. destructive; resembling a vandal
    • 2000, Jefferson S. Chase, Inciting Laughter: The Development of "Jewish Humor" in 19th Century German Culture[2], →ISBN:
      The word mob [Pöbel] invoked the image of a vandalous rabble and, with it, the specter of the Reign of Terror.

Derived terms[edit]