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  1. tonight, this night, the night at the end of the current day
    Vannacht zul je lekker slapen.
    You’ll sleep well tonight.
  2. last night, the night at the end if the previous day
    Vannacht heb ik niet lekker geslapen.
    I didn’t sleep well last night.

Usage notes[edit]

  • As in the example sentences, the distinction between the two meanings is through the tense of the verb (past versus non-past). When both the last and the coming nights are mentioned, however, the former will be referred to with the synonym gisternacht, and deze nacht may also be used for the latter: Gisternacht heb ik niet lekker geslapen, maar deze nacht zal ik dat zeker wel. (“Last night I didn’t sleep well, but this night I surely will.”)


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