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A honeybee with deformed wings attributed to deformed wing virus, which is transmitted by Varroa destructor
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From the genus name Varroa


varroa (uncountable)

  1. (beekeeping, chiefly New Zealand) Infestation with the mite Varroa destructor, or the disease caused by such mites.
    These bees are resistant to varroa.
    • 2009, January 29, “Don Farmer”, in Shop forced to shut as bees swarm[1]:
      Swarms were reasonably common place in rural areas when New Zealand had a large feral bee population but few wild bees now survive due to varroa disease.

Usage notes[edit]

The damage caused by varroa appears to be a combination of that caused by the mites and by viruses transmitted by them, in particular deformed wing virus (DWV). Varroa has been suggested as a possible cause of colony collapse disorder.


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