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1710; compound of veel (much) +‎ vraat (gobbling, eating gluttonously), calque of German Vielfraß or German Low German Veelfraat. The term originally meant simply ‘glutton’ in German, but was applied to the hyena in pre-modern times. In the 15th century, Old Norwegian fjellfross (wolverine, literally mountain cat) was borrowed into Middle Low German by Hanseatic fur traders as villevrās and folk-etymologically blended with the existing word for ‘glutton’, possibly influenced by Finnish ahma (glutton; wolverine), giving veelvratz (Reinke de Vos, 1498), vēlevrās, vēlevrāt. The meaning ‘wolverine’ was initially the only one received into Dutch, although by 1849 the word had acquired the meaning ‘glutton’.


  • IPA(key): /ˈveːl.vraːt/
  • (file)
  • Hyphenation: veel‧vraat


veelvraat m (plural veelvraten, diminutive veelvraatje n)

  1. glutton
    Synonyms: slokop
  2. wolverine, Gulo gulo