venire su

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Literally, to come up.



venìre su (first-person singular present vèngo su, first-person singular past historic vénni su or vènni su, past participle venùto su, first-person singular future verrò su, auxiliary èssere)

  1. Used other than figuratively or idiomatically: see venire,‎ su.
    è venuto su per le scale
    he came up the stairs
  2. (intransitive, idiomatic) to grow up
    Synonym: crescere
    • 2020, Barack Obama, chapter 9, in Chicca Galli, Paolo Lucca, Giuseppe Maugeri, transl., Una terra promessa [A Promised Land], Garzanti Libri:
      Sul palco all'aperto, una volta spentasi l'eco della musica e degli applausi, spesi qualche minuto parlando alla gente di Toot, di come fosse venuta su durante la Grande depressione e avesse lavorato in una catena di montaggio mentre il nonno era in guerra. Di cosa avesse significato per la nostra famiglia e di cosa potesse significare per ciascuno di loro.
      Standing on the outdoor stage, after the music and cheers and chants had died down, I spent a few minutes telling the crowd about Toot—how she'd grown up during the Depression and worked on an assembly line while Gramps was away in the war, what she had meant to our family, what she might mean to them.
      (literally, “On the stage outside, once the echo of the music and of the applause had died down, I spent a few minutes talking to the people about Toot, of how she grew up during the Great Depression and worked at an assembly line while the grandfather was in war. Of what she meant to our family and of what she could mean to each of them.”)