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vetula f (genitive vetulae); first declension

  1. old woman
    • 1st or 2nd century, Juvenal, Satires, translated by Paul Allen Miller in Latin Verse Satire: An Anthology and Critical Reader, p.381.
      mortua, non vetula ("a dead woman, not an old one")
  2. a corn dolly or small figurine, shaped as an old woman; a term in use among the Druidic pagans of Flanders in the 7th century
    • 7th century BC, Vita Eligii (The Life of St. Eligius), sermons of St. Eligius, translated by Jo Ann McNamara.[1]
      Nullus in Kalendas Januarii nefanda et ridiculosa, vetulas aut cervulos vel iotticos ("Do not..make vetulas, little deer or iotticos")


First declension.

Case Singular Plural
nominative vetula vetulae
genitive vetulae vetulārum
dative vetulae vetulīs
accusative vetulam vetulās
ablative vetulā vetulīs
vocative vetula vetulae

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