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Latin vexillum (flag) + -ographer, by analogy with lexicographer etc.



vexillographer (plural vexillographers)

  1. (rare) A person who designs flags professionally or semi-professionally.
    • 1985: Linda Frye Burnham for Art in the Public Interest, High Performance, volume 8, №s 29–32, page 56 (Astro Artz)
      Anders Holmquist is a vexillographer, or designer, maker and philosopher of flags.
    • 1995: Parsiana, volume 18, pages 18,{1} 19,{2} and 167{3} (P. Warden)
      {1} He turned himself into an instant vexillographer — a flag designer. […] Now 75 years old, the vexillographer has been living in Canada for the last 35 years.
      {2} His vexillographer friends stopped him, “Hey! that is Netherlands’ flag! Careful! Queen Juliana or is it Queen Beatrix! She will shoot you on sight for stealing the colors plus the design,” they warned him. [… T]he Flag Institute has called him a “Vexillographer” — the professional title of a flag designer.
      {3} All in all the Congress was highly successful with Dr. JEHANGIR R MEDORA of Canada presenting the Zoroastrian Flag of Friendliness and Brotherhood designed by him as a Vexillographer to all Delegates […]
    • 2005: Raven: A Journal of Vexillology, volume 12, page 1 (North American Vexillological Association)
      Had the terms been invented at the time, Miles could have called himself a vexillologist or vexillographer. He referred to the matter of flag design as “my pet hobby”.

Usage notes[edit]

  • The term vexillographer is vanishingly rare, being well over forty times less common than its synonym, vexillologist, which is itself fairly uncommon.

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